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Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012 Summary

Hello Club Members. As always, here's sharing to you what activities transpired this 2012 and citing some ideas in mind for 2013. Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

We started the year with our 3rd free webinar encouraging entrepreneurs to share their start-up experience. 

I took a step back afterwards, reflected on the project heavily, as many groups came out also having the same intention of helping start-ups. 

Just launched the Free E-Commerce Boot Camp Online last November 29 to support this project. With 36 webinar series and 12 topics (around 70 sub-topics) lined-up, I consider this project as my biggest investment to date as the webinars, handouts, lessons, assignments, and online mentoring cost can reach up to 3.5 million assuming that the development of the topic material and online mentorship with participants is around P100k each (per topic / sub-topic).

Launched the 2012 edition announcing only 35 topics. However, will be adding another topic focusing on crowdfunding and will likely build a platform for this. This 1st quarter of 2013, will be going to Singapore to formalize the entity that will support this process.

I hope to get more of club members involved in this one, to share their e-commerce business start-up experience, with the intent of inspiring others in their e-business adventures. Also, as an angel investor of potential e-commerce projects coming out of the boot camp.

2. SEO / E-Commerce / Blog/ Social Media workshop

We were able to do 2 workhops on this one this year. We are scheduled to do another one again this January 2013.

Our 3rd one was highlighted with Gillian Muessig of SEOMoz doing the keynote for the event. We are bringing this event to the grassroots this 2013 by lowering its cost and do it on several locations.

(We should meet up there again. Very lovely place.)

5. E-Commerce / Digital Marketing Business Model Review / Project Planning

We did a series of e-commerce / digital marketing project planning workshop and integrate the Business Model Generation topic. Held club workshops in Baguio, Palawan, and Tagaytay.

We organized a tech workshop and got great feedback for this one. Yes, will be doing one again this 2013 and add another topic too.


Last July 2012, I introduced FITFIL to the group and offered a subsidy for those joining. None of the club members were able to join at that time. However, I am glad that some finally did in its SM-MOA leg.

We did a 3 weeks ethical hacking workshop at the Philippine National Police with the aim of strengthening our relationship with law enforcement and as I prepare for my CEH 7.0 certification. Will be doing one again this 2013.

Courtesy of the US Embassy, we met Garrette Gee and learned about the potential of QR codes. Started using it as well in our events such as the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit.

10. Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

We had two #dim2012 events (Manila and Cebu) this year. For 2013, will be bringing it to more locations starting with La Union and Rizal.

We had a meeting with the Bureau of Internal Revenue regarding their upcoming circular reminding businesses on tax obligations with regards to online transactions.

Some developments to expect this 2013 (in addition to what I shared above for continuity of 2012 efforts):

1. New membership rates (effective January 1, 2013)
This will affect new members only and those won't be able to renew according to schedule. The new rates are meant to cover as well the declining dollar - peso exchange rate.

2. New membership category (tentative)
This is meant to welcome super newbies in the group. It seems our club rates are still deemed high despite our numerous free benefits to club members. I am still having 2nd thoughts on this one and will think about it further.

3. Grassroot approach
Most of our events this year - Digital Influencers Marketing Summit and DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit - will target the grassroots market segment or those who can only afford below P5000 investment rate in pursuing additional learning.

4. Junior DigitalFilipino Club
To support our E-Commerce Boot Camp, will be launching the Junior DigitalFilipino Club program this 2013 whose primary objective is to get students to participate in this boot camp online and offline.

5. Club portal
Will be migrating the club site from its own domain to within Currently evaluating platforms that we can use. Definitely, I want it to be more than just forums, article posting, and member public profile pages.

6. Code of Ethics
Will be releasing a Code of Ethics that E-Commerce Boot Camp graduates will adhere to. Will be sharing it here to review if it is something that can also be adopted within the club.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Club Members!

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