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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Advertising revenue program for blogs

Last January 6, 2007, I've decided to put up an earning scheme for bloggers through advertising. This was first offered to Club Members. Due to increasing number of advertisers, I'm now accepting any blogger in the world to join.

There are three ways to earn:

  1. A fee shall be paid by including an ad link in one's blog post or website article. Depending on the blog or website popularity, fees can vary from US$1 to US$10. The said blog post or website article where the link is added to should not have less than 200 words.
  2. An ad link can also be posted and seen site-wide. Fees can vary from US$5 to US$85. The ad link should be immediately seen upon loading of the page.
  3. Websites can also be reviewed, not necessarily a positive one. Fees vary from US$5 to US$125.


  1. The link should remain for a period of at least one year in the said blog post or website article.
  2. The ad should be the only one linked in a blog post or website article.
  3. Your blog or website should be active, having at least 2 post or article a week, and regularly promoted.
  4. Payouts are released every 1st Friday of the month through Paypal.
  5. The more active your blog or website is, the more assignments you'll receive. Your rate increases as well in due time.
  6. These ad assignments can be about our websites, our clients, SME club members, and corporate club members.

I initially e-mail blast this to Club Members for dissemination and now using other means to attract more bloggers.

Prior to roll-out of this project, I tested the concept and happy that it passed the Stickiness Aptitude Test. With a growing advertiser base, I'm happy to see this program get rolled out to as many bloggers as possible.

Your feedback on how this program can be enhanced will be very much appreciated. Parties interested can add me to their YM or GTalk. My id is digitalfilipino.

Thank you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Gallery 7 Digital Studio: To expand overseas in 2008

Enrico Gaw, owner of Gallery 7 Digital Studio, had a great year in 2007 with the opening of its mall branch in Shangri-la Plaza and the release of its pop-art services where you can turn your photos into extra-ordinary work of art.

In 2008, Enrico plans to expand their offerings to a bigger overseas client base.

Friday, December 07, 2007 Club 4th Anniversary and Member Testimonials

During the Club Christmas Party, Buddy Gancenia had interviews conducted with several club members to get their testimonial about the club. This is also in time for our 4th anniversary this December 25.

I'm very glad that we continue to maintain a reasonable number of members to this date. We will strive to evolve and remain as relevant as possible to the changing times.

Here is twelve of our club members who shared their testimonial.

Michelle Pestano of Chikka

Jan Pabellon of IT Group

Ida Bata of Fleishman-Hillard

Reggie Bundang of RegaloService

Enrico Gaw of Gallery 7 Digital Studio

Charlie Gaw of Acclaim Butterflies

Aileen Apolo

Jay Frank De Jesus

Joan PiƱon

Rowell Luna

Dennis Rito

Ronnie Joy Ravelo

Club members who are interested in contributing a video testimonial are requested to e-mail the download link to their video at digitalfilipino (at) gmail (dot) com.