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Friday, February 27, 2009

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization talk at Urdaneta City University

Sincerest thanks to Bitstop Network Services, Urdaneta City University, and ICT Pangasinan for making this Search Engine Marketing & Optimization Seminar possible.

(Note that video has noise at 3:50 that will last like 30 seconds. Partial Q&A included.)

My talk focused on introduction to search engine marketing & optimization, planning an SEM campaign, keyword discovery & analysis, search engine processing basics, improving website page titles, description, menus, body text, other assets, and good content (on-page optimization), tracking and fine tuning your website.

Club member Gary Viray gave a talk on link building techniques, tools, & tactics (off-page optimization). This includes getting a website linked through directory submissions, article writing, online press releases, social media/networking tools, and paid advertising programs.

I'm supposed to conduct this workshop alone and very glad that Gary decided last Friday (2/20) to help out. I was a bit nervous as Pangasinan is a famous hub of SEO practitioners in the Philippines. They are also in the planning process of the upcoming Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) Pangasinan this 3rd quarter.

Many thanks to the SEO Pangasinan folks who joined this seminar such as Marc & Virgilio, Aldwin, Eric, Philip, Fernando, Julius, Ricardo, Julius, among others.

I am also thrilled to meet Richer who topped the midway count & Pinoy roster in the Busby SEO Test competition. He also shared his insights on starting a blog, how to increase blog traffic, blog commenting, among others.

Of course to Micaela who became my travel buddy and helped out in the event by taking a lot of the photos I have posted here. She also shared some blogging tips & insights to the participants in the afternoon.

If you have made a blog post about the event, let me know and will link you up here. Cheers!


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