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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cebu Bloggers Meet-Up at Casino Filipino a Success, thank you PAGCOR!

Photos with the Cebu Bloggers Society. Credits to Photoblogger.

My sincerest thanks to all Cebu bloggers who attended the 2nd Cebu DigitalFilipino Club & Bloggers Meet-Up last night hosted by Casino Filipino PAGCOR Cebu. Around 120 bloggers joined last night and it is amazing to witness how much this community has grown.

PAGCOR treated the community last night with great food, wine, beer, and music entertainment. My sincerest thanks to the following people for their continuous support namely their CEO Efraim Genuino, COO Rafael Francisco, VP Joey Benedicto, Cebu branch manager Danilo Cuneta, MCCRD Assistant Manager - Local Marketing Unit Nancy Orcullo, Web Management Unit Head Francis Gary Viray, Senior Marketing Officer Cheryl Pelayo, among others.

Please don't forget to use your post as well in helping our gracious sponsor, Casino Filipino PAGCOR Cebu, spread the word about their ongoing activities.

I also would like to encourage our friends in the area to actively participate in the following Club activities:

I'll be adding links here to your blog post, photos, and videos. If you have made one, kindly post a comment and share the link to your post.

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On July 24, I will also give a weekend accommodation voucher from Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City. For the winner to be determined, I will ask PAGCOR to pick their most-liked blog post.

I have left 15 Jupiter Suites pouches to Mark Monta. Those who confirmed to attend the event and signed up as Facebook fan of Jupiter Suites will get one. They are:

  1. Xerxes Aaron Chua Bernadez
  2. Kevin Ray N. Chua
  3. Kristine Roa
  4. Jorich Ponio
  5. Eden villarba
  6. Galleca Baylon
  7. Allahn Joyce Bensali
  8. Bryan Karl Yuson
  9. Mark Tan
  10. Clarence Mongado
  11. Mikyu Maglasang
  12. Orville Tadle
  13. Mark Gallardo
  14. Prince Ryan Gilig
  15. Guada Esmeña

Please get in touch with Mark to claim your pouch. Thank you!

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