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Monday, August 22, 2011

Forming a Group: DTI Online Sales Promotion Permit Guideline Creation

The DigitalFilipino Club session with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) last July 28 has resulted to a series of events. We have 1 slot in the Technical Working Group to contribute insights for the creation of DTI Online Promotion Guidelines for Bloggers that covers with or without purchase required. These online promotions can be done in any of the following: discount, raffle, games, premium, redemption, and contest.

We are taking an active participation on this as there is an urgent need for the DTI Sales Promotion Permit Guidelines to be updated that shall recognize the nature of online promotions in its current policy. We want to push for a long-term, rather than quick-fix, in the current process.

Should you be interested in helping out with this task group, let me know.

Work includes:

1. Reading and understanding of current policies.

2. Identify which online promotion area(s) do you want focus on:
  • discount
  • raffle
  • games
  • premium
  • redemption
  • contest
  • application process
  • approval / disapproval process
  • data privacy
  • complaints filing
  • dispute resolution
3. Give inputs to improving drafts that DTI will circulate in the future. 4. Attend TWG meeting(s) offline or online. Whoever is most active and available can represent the group (using its 1 TWG slot) and share its concern and suggestions for provision improvements. For club members who will confirm (via e-mail), we will have our 2nd webinar session on August 29 from 1 pm to 2:30 where current policies shall be reviewed. I shall be discussing the working position draft as well for feedback.
Club members sending me an e-mail are also requested to indicate their answer to #2 above.

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