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Friday, January 21, 2011

DigitalFilipino Talks - Look Who's Talking

For the last 2 years, I allotted resources in the DigitalFilipino Club to organize conferences that can be of benefit to our members. This is both from member promotion to learning perspective. After an event, efforts to come up with knowledge sharing videos, integrated with the speaker presentation, gets worked on. However, it takes a lot of time that also results to backlog.

For 2011, I decided to take a different approach. As knowledge sharing and promotion of our members is our primary goal, then it should not be limited to an event. That is when the idea for DigitalFilipino Talks came in. The resource that we usually allot for conferences is now invested in this video series.

Rather than make a once-a-week episode or show style and be like most online video or talk programs out there, we went to the almost extreme of making it daily on weekdays. Hopefully in the process, our efforts will also be noticeable.

Feedback we are getting at this point are positive so far. Got suggestions as well on how can we further improve.

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As the DigitalFilipino Club community has a deep bench, we hope to feature all of our members in the DigitalFilipino Talks series.

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