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Thursday, February 10, 2011

24 Videos on 1st Month - DigitalFilipino Talks

DigitalFilipino Talks started last January 10 and as of this writing already has 24 videos posted and played more than 2000 times. The series caters to a diverse audience of micro and small entrepreneurs, service providers, and multinational firms.

We intend to produce up to 65 interview episodes to complete our first season. We already passed through our 5th week and have 8 more weeks to go. Once that is done, I will take stock on what we have and seek further inspiration to do new stuff that shall promote our club members, allies, and share knowledge to the community at large.

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Running an online talk show was not as easy as it appears. More than just the actual shoot that takes place three times (3x) a month, the daily promotion through social networks and other platforms is something that needs to be continuously done to push for maximum visibility.

Furthermore, I use the interviews in writing my weekly column to reflect and add insight.

On this 2nd month, you can expect us to step up the promotions further as we engage the community to interact.

Many thanks to club members, new sign-up and renewal, whose membership fees help make this experimental project possible.

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