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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

SEO, Content Writing, Blog Marketing & Advertising, E-Commerce, E-Payment Workshop Series

All Club members are invited to attend the forthcoming E-Commerce, Search Engine Marketing, and Corporate Blogging Hands-on Workshop series this January 26 to 30 at Netopia Internet Cafe, Ground Floor Greenbelt 1, Legaspi Street, Makati City from 9 am to 5 pm. Club members can send participants for free on this training noting the following conditions:

  • Corporate members - 5 days (1 participant per day)
  • SME members - 3 days (1 participant per day)
  • Individual members can attend a one-day session
Non-club members (those who have not paid annual membership fee) can send a participant for three thousand pesos (P3000) per day, exclusive of VAT. Slot is confirmed upon receipt of payment.

Participants should fill-up the registration form and await slot confirmation. We can only accept a maximum of 18 participants per day.

The training program shall be as follows:

January 26 - Drive Search Engine Traffic to Your Site Workshop
(10 confirmed, 8 slots available)

This hands-on workshop will discuss tips and techniques to get your site to the top of search engine rankings (e.g. Google, Yahoo, and MSN) and stay there.
  • Introduction to Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization
  • Identify niche positioning for products and services that you'll sell, target customers, buying frequency and motivation.
  • Keywords discovery, attractiveness analysis, and implementation.
  • How search engines process information as it crawls websites.
  • Improving your website structure and navigation.
  • Improving your website page titles, description, menus, body text, other assets, and good content (on-page optimization)
  • Getting your website linked through directory submissions, article writing, online press releases, and social media/networking tools. (off-page optimization)
  • Introduction to paid advertising programs.
  • Tracking and fine tuning your website.
January 27: Web Content and SEO Writing Workshop
(13 confirmed, 5 slots available)

This hands-on workshop will teach participants how to write web content that is useful and attractive for its target audience and attain search engine rankings.
  • How the Internet user reads online
  • Web writing techniques to persuade customers and readers to trust, get in touch, buy, subscribe or read more
  • SEO writing skills to:
    • Inform search engines what your site is about.
    • Push your article and website to a high position on search results.
    • Encourage target readers to click on the links.
    • Connects with your readers once they reach your website.
  • Writing effective newsletters, blogs, Web 2.0 content, among others
  • Encourage readers to subscribe to your website content updates.
January 28: Creating an eStore (Your Own or Affiliate Site)
(7 confirmed, 11 slots available)

This hands-on workshop will help the participant plan and put up an eStore. They will also be introduced to the largest affiliate program online ( and set-up an actual eStore.
  • Identify niche positioning for products and services that you'll sell, target customers, buying frequency and motivation.
  • Competition analysis
  • Features list (prioritization)
  • Product pricing
  • Delivery options
  • Content plan
  • eStore Creation using aStore (example posted at Busby SEO Test)
January 29: Accepting Payments Online Through Credit Card, Paypal, and Mobile Phone
(12 confirmed, 6 slots available)

This hands-on workshop gives participants an overview on various payment options that can be explored online. Demo of local payment systems and Paypal for credit card payment acceptance shall also be done
  • Introduction to online payments
  • Evaluating online and mobile payment providers (comparative analysis)
  • Demo of Philippine-based online payment systems (email billing, web-based payment, mobile payments)
  • Using Paypal to accept payments online
    • Account creation
    • Creating Buy Now / Subscribe Now payment buttons
    • Creating an Invoice Billing
    • Creating Recurring Payments/Subscription option
    • Adding Paypal code to your website or blog
  • Fraud detection
January 30: Blog Marketing & Advertising
(17 confirmed, 1 slots available)

This hands-on workshop will give participants an appreciation on how blogging can be used to promote a company's products and services. It will also look into various ways that blogs can be tap as a medium to reach out to target market segments as a new advertising and marketing alternative.
  • Corporate Blogging Introduction and Uses
  • Creating a Corporate Blog
  • Corporate Blogging Guidelines
  • Blog Marketing
    • Tapping Blogs to Create Buzz (events, give-aways, promo)
    • Tapping Bloggers for Insight and Feedback (alerts)
    • Identifying target blogs
  • Blog Advertising
    • Direct advertising
    • 3rd party banner or text ads
    • Paid reviews
    • Paid features
    • Identifying target blogs
All training materials shall be posted at the club member site and also at our social network for online interactive learning purposes.

Interested non-members are requested to sign up as an Individual, SME, or Corporate member prior to the workshop and confirm attendance for food count purposes.

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