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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Self-Publishing Guide: A practical guide for aspiring writers

I just created a draft version of "Self-Publishing Guide: A practical guide for aspiring writers" and uploaded it in our club members site.

Publishing a book is a rigorous process and not one stage in the life-cycle should be taken for granted. Else, realizing a book project's full potential shall be jeopardized.

Here's the guide outline:

  • Introduction
  • Why publish?
  • Publishing Process
    • Development of manuscript
      • Research
      • To publish or not?
      • Write the manuscript
      • Edit the manuscript
    • Prepare the book for printing
      • Cover Design
      • Layout
      • Registration
      • Permission
    • Printing
    • Sales and Marketing
      • Retail and Distribution
      • Promotion
  • Conclusion
The guide can now be downloaded by club members and discuss further.

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