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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Sharing RSS feeds in your Orkut profile

In my column today, I talked about Web 2.0, collective intelligence, and the recent Google OpenSocial. Unplanned, that was a quick follow-up to a piece I wrote last month as well about Facebook. The nice thing about competition is that these providers are exerting the best effort as possible to make things easier for users.

I am researching about Web 2.0 these days but more on the hands-on side with the book Programming Collective Intelligence written by Toby Segaran as a guide. In preparation for the Web 2.0 workshop session on November 13, I tried Google OpenSocial earlier today and created a modified version of its Feed in Tabs. Installing in any website will look like this.

I also installed the application in my Orkut page, after getting approval for Orkut sandbox access, and the same feed now appears in my site. Those who try to install the same will be able to edit the rss feed address to show their blogs or of others if they like. Just state this url (copy the url link) as the application source in your applications page. I can't wait until all sites who are part of the Google OpenSocial alliance or partners will start allowing users to install applications.

There is much you can do on the Internet today and web developers do not necessarily have to be confine in just building the website using codes of their own, they can also tap in "social" codes to engage more users - if done well. Other references that can be tapped includes: