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Monday, September 03, 2007

Switching to online video / audio tutorials

One of the things happening right now in the Club is that our growing membership base has expanded outside of the Philippines. This poses the challenge for our hands-on training workshops be made available to as many club members as possible.

I've been getting requests to post videos of our training to benefit those who are too busy to attend. After participating in the Thirty Day Challenge, I finally got the much needed inspiration on how to execute it. In that regard, please expect podcast and video content to be posted in our membership site and blogs shortly.

We've had so much content to put online that covers our training in the past such as:

All video/podcast presentations shall be supplemented by handouts that can downloaded from the members-only area. It will also be accompanied by exercises that you can work on and submit to me for further one-on-one interaction.

Your suggestions on the content will be very much appreciated.