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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Forthcoming changes in the club

As the Club turns 4 years old this Christmas, I must say that its time has come to be properly upgraded that shall include the following changes and will be seen in the last quarter:

  • Creation of specialized content section
    As our content has grown in time, I will be creating sections on various interest topics where materials shall be filled in on a regular basis that ranges from marketing, project management, outsourcing, product management, research, writing, traffic analytics, among others.
  • Post live projects in the innovation forum
    I've converted our forums to an innovation section to discuss possible project opportunities. This time, I'll be citing projects that can be explored for collaboration and revenue sharing.
We will also be having our One Internet Day event this November. I will have the venue finalized soon and shall post the details when ready. I think the improvement of approach to the club is necessary as we get more members outside of the Philippines.

On another note, I'm helping one of our club members promote this HDB. I'm sure there'll be a lot of opportunities here.