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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Monitoring Filipino Top 100 Blogs

Davao-based club member Andrew dela Serna monitors the Philippines Top 100 blogs through his new project, Perhaps Pinoy would be more accurate as the bloggers that get ranked are not necessarily Philippine-based. (as long as they are a Filipino)

The additional metrics that Andrew included, and be adding, will be helpful in coming up with a more realistic rank. It will be interesting to see how Filipino blogs fair in the months to come.

My challenges in measuring my blogs and site performance includes:
  • Majority of my blog readers are not bloggers nor feed reader users. They are my DigitalFilipino Yahoo Group members where I disseminate blog updates.
  • My reflection and Ituloy AngSulong blog got a high Technorati rank due to participation in events like Blog Parteeh and iBlog3. However, the number of visit it gets is nowhere near my Philippine Internet Review blog that has a lower Technorati rank. I wonder which one will matter more?
  • My site is indexed in Technorati but is not exactly a blog, more of a hybrid. I wonder if that can be included in Ratified.
  • I believe template creators or web host owners have an advantage in Technorati as they can include a link, in a mandatory manner, to their blog site at the footer. Of course, that doesn't necessarily result to readers.
  • As I'm running a promo in my blogging book blog, it will be interesting to learn how its metric will shape up in a month or two. The same goes to my web awards blog as we will be ramping up the feature of winners in the weeks to come.
More power to you Andrew and may you inspire more developers in building creative applications.


noemi said...

the ranking seems to apply to blog popularity according to bloggers. But I don't think it's accurate measure to total blog popularity. Some blog readers who comment don't even own blogs said...

Yes, I guess it is more blog popularity among peers since Technorati rank is based on links from fellow bloggers or site owners.