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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post-Eyeball: Club and Bloggers Davao Networking Event

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(if you have photos taken at the event that we can add to the album, kindly upload and include its description.)

The Davao meet-up was a blast and great to see peers in the community so relaxed. Around a hundred bloggers attended the event and many thanks to our gracious host, PAGCOR and its Davao management, for making it a memorable one.

During the event, PAGCOR showed an audio visual presentation and shared what the government corporation does. In addition, they gave a heads-up about the launch of their new website this December 11.

Also, please don't forget that the deadline for nomination to the Web Awards is this Sunday, October 26.

I'll be updating this post to include write-ups and photos from those who joined. If you made one, let us know and will include it. Cheers Davao!


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