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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

May 14: Davao E-Commerce / E-Business Owners Meet-Up

The Club is organizing a networking event where e-business and e-commerce industry players can catch up and exchange updates. This will be on May 14, Wednesday, 4 to 7 pm at Toto's Bar, 6th floor Casa Leticia Hotel, J. Camus St., Davao City.

Who can attend?
Anyone interested in e-commerce or e-business (entrepreneurs, business/technical decision makers, ad agencies, media advertisers, Internet marketers, payment gateway service providers, bloggers, web developers, web designers, Internet and e-commerce trainers / instructors) are more than welcome to attend.

Why attend?
Meeting local e-commerce entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, service providers, online movers and shakers. Let's network for fun and professional purposes. Talk about developments in the industry. Any excuse to meet like-minded people on a Wednesday late afternoon.

This networking event is free. If you are interested in signing up, just post a comment in this post and give an intro on what you do (so that others will know also).

Please email me at digitalfiipino (at) gmail (dot) com your name, position, company, contact number and website.

In Davao, you can also contact Blogie Robillo at 0918-5400878.

See you at the event!

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