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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

July 25: - Global Filipino Village Online Launch

I just sent an invite to all Club members inviting them to the launch of this July 25. The preparations and partnerships made for this launch was enormous. I certainly look forward to it.

Filipinos abroad will find a home away from home in It is packaged as a "Global Filipino Village Online" that will provide easy access to patronize and support the Philippines.

Barangay means “village” in Filipino. As the name implies, is a web portal designed around buildings typically found in a village. The 13 buildings include associations, bank, church, city hall, hospital, library, market, real estate, restaurant, school, social hall, theatre, and travel. These buildings, each with their own unique functions, will provide online venues where Filipinos can effectively exchange ideas and causes as well as make use of one other’s trades and professions.

The market building, will sell goods and services to buyers worldwide for delivery to family and friends in the Philippines. The library building will provide resources such as Filipino newspapers from around the world, dictionaries and articles about culture and heritage. The social hall building will have social events, message boards, humor and philanthropic communities. The content of the 13 buildings will develop as the demand for it grows.

Individuals, companies and associations are invited to come on-board and partner up with the site. will work hand in hand with enterprises to get their name, product and message delivered to a global audience. It is a collaborative effort with commercial and non-profit organizations, both private and public.

CEO of Jonno Alcaro and wife Nanette are the brains behind it. Jonno is the former co-owner, Director and EVP of Nanete is the former Director of Sales and Marketing of deluxe hotels both in Manila and the U.S., such as The Peninsula NY, Plaza Athenee NY and Hotel Bel-Air LA. They have over 45 combined years of marketing expertise in the U.S., worldwide and online. Together, they have created the business and marketing model behind

The mission of is to bring the Philippines homeland closer to overseas Filipinos of every generation and in so doing, contribute to the growth of its economy. It aims to be the one stop Global Filipino Village online for all.