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Friday, February 02, 2007

Valentine preparation, networking tips, and Davao bloggers eyeball

Reggie just came up with an interesting list of Valentine gift suggestions. I'm sure her online store will be a hit again this Valentine's Day as much as her Christmas sales was a blockbuster.

Enrico launched a "Share Your Valentine Story" contest - open to all lovers worldwide. I hope there'll be a lot of entries as the prize is really nice.

Rik just created his first blog post. Let's give him a warm welcome to the blogosphere members!

Gwen cited some techniques on networking and a forthcoming event about it.

It is interesting to see that Angelo likes two stuff that I like too. That is Kim Possible and Prison Break!

Leah flaunts the gadgets that she owns (that can make any girl drool). Check out the growing number of wi-fi hotspots in Bohol.

Jaeyoun posted ICANN's strategic plan from 2007 to 2010. That is indeed a long range plan.

Peachy informed us that YouTube can now be used for online video recording.

Jay met celebrities Christian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go.

Sacha is all set to return to Canada.

Manuel gave a tool advise for serious listbuilding campaigns.

Marc shared his recent discovery on how breastfeeding can help mothers lose weight.

Wilson just became the first poster in the SEO Philippines Forum.

Aileen and Noemi got the chance to meet Bo Sanchez in the last Blog Parteeh (). They were interviewed and featured in the preacher's program. Noemi posted the video snippet in her blog.

Dennis R. showcased photos of the recent World Pyro Olympics. I will be contacting him to possibly give a talk to club members on photography.

Abby talked about her Dad's way with proverbs in expressing concerns.

Oliver is organizing a bloggers eyeball this Saturday in Davao. Should they proceed in eventually having a major blogging event, I hope we can convince JJ to make it an iBlog mini type of event. Promoting blogging there and teaching creative techniques about it can also be considered technopreneurial in some aspect. With so many DavaoeƱo bloggers, I'm sure such an event can be successful. I also miss winding down with the guys there, having great durian coffee, and enjoy the wifi.

Stephanie just gave her blog a facelift and it looks great! I hope she'll start considering making Blogger templates and give it away. (hint! hint! I want one!!) That will certainly make her blog skyrocket in ranking. :)

Dennis A. just had a Davao Scuba Diving trip with friends lately.