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Monday, May 14, 2007

Organizing an online writing project

Last week had been fairly exciting as I joined a group writing project for the first time. Although I did not received any monetary prize, the value of getting to discover new blogs, the link love, ideas inspiration, and website traffic (even for a short period of time), made it all worth it.

There were a lot of posts I read citing that majority of blogs today are bound to fail. I believe that the reasons behind it can include:

Last Saturday, I acted on this lingering idea of initiating a writing project, The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007, but with emphasis on recognizing new blogs that are out there today. What inspired me to do it includes:
  • I noticed that majority of connections and community members in MyBlogLog have blogs that are less than a year old. This is a good opportunity to put the spotlight on them.
  • Getting bloggers to recognize the new ones may perhaps contribute in lessening the percentage of blogs that lose inspiration, fail, and die within a year.
  • New faces! Sometimes it gets tiring to see the old ones being mentioned again and again and again.
  • Take this project as a means to promote some of our corporate club members and other sponsors during the activity.
I'm conservative on the number of entries this effort will generate. However, in the years to come, I hope it will gain momentum.


Pa Ul said...

The above-stated notes regarding new bloggers were true and precisely well said. It is really a struggle in the beginning of doing the process. As of now, I guess, people tend to focus on niche top sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus more and more despite of posting essential well-to-do and well crafted personalized blogs by a devotee of such of which are becoming lesser and lesser for people to visit despite posting to each of these niches -- Pa Ul